ME-HE Premiers Winchester
AMHA #225978A AMHR #335544T
DOB 6/23/2016
Yearling Gelding
Futurity Nominated
ME-HE Premiers Winchester
Indian Peaks Beethovens Premier
ME-HE Miniature Horses
2017 World Reserve AOTE Futurity Yearling Gelding
2017 World Top Five AOTE Junior Gelding Level 2
2017 RMMHC Breeders Yearling Gelding Sweepstakes
Grand Champion Junior Gelding
Grand Champion Amateur Gelding
Reserve Champion Amateur Gelding
Indian Peaks Sweet Sophistication
World Top Five Produce of Dam
World Champion AOTE Mare
World Top Five Futurity Yearling Mare 28"-30"
For Sale
OMP Super Chargers Super Duper (For Sale)
Blue Ribbon Bodacious Buzz (For Sale)
ME-HE Colorado Chrome
ME-HE Cowboy Joe (Sold)
ME-HE Rocky Mountain Hi 
ME-HE Supers Buck N Gold Digger
Blue Ribbon Lads Lil Lucy (Sold)
Indian Peaks Prima Donna (Sold)
Indian Peaks Sweet Sophistication (Sold)
ME-HE Annie Oakley
ME-HE Calamity Jane
ME-HE Belle Star (Sold)
ME-HE Clementine (Sold)
ME-HE Diamond Lil (Sold)
ME-HE Mr B (Sold)
ME-HE Diesel (Sold)
ME-HE Buzzin AC Spectre (Sold)
ME-HE Happy Trails (Sold)
ME-HE Bronco Billy (Sold)
ME-HE Premiers Winchester (Sold)
Pecan Hollows Starlight of Tuffy